• About Us

    Over a decade of experience in applying expertise and innovation around the world.

  • Detection Products

    Our product family includes automated continuous monitoring & reanalysis of gas samples, as well as mobile monitoring and sampling products.

  • Service & support

    Scienta Sensor Systems’ service and support concept is based on a proactive approach and an acute understanding of system user needs.

  • Quick Reference


    Dedicated Service Team

    Scienta Envinet’s product offerings are supported through the Scienta Scientific global sales and services organisation. This even further simplifies and expands access to products, services and support for the 100+ loyal customers world-wide.

    Scienta Envinet is fully committed to supporting its customer during the entire life cycle of its solutions.


    Partnering with the future

    Scienta Envinet works towards a safer and cleaner future by delivering powerful early warning and environmental radiation monitoring systems to timely quantify and minimize the impact of nuclear radiation releases.


  • Scienta Envinet formed in 2021 when Scienta Sensor Systems and ENVINET joined under the Scienta Scientific Group.
    Together, Scienta Envinet delivers powerful early warning and radiation monitoring systems to timely quantify and minimize the impact of nuclear radiation releases.
    • Global Installations

      Scienta Envinet’s installations are in operation across the world, providing valuable insights into radiation signatures, using cutting-edge technology from sampling to detection.

      Partnering with Scienta Envinet means partnering with the future.

    Scienta Envinet’s industry-grade products are built upon a long history of constant improvements by its R&D team in collaboration with expert providers. Born from the need to be able to monitor radiation in our environments, Scienta Envinet has had long standing collaborations with Defence Agencies, EPAs, NPPs etc.

    Scienta Envinet has developed timely and accurate detection solutions by working closely with customers and industrial partners. The systems are based upon application-oriented, modular solutions that provide the customer flexibility to implement new technical developments including upgrades, or to add additional modules to their system to increase detection power.