• Scienta Sensor Systems

    Scienta Sensor Systems markets, installs, and services ultrasensitive systems for detection of radioactive xenon in the atmosphere, e.g. for detection of nuclear explosions or malfunctioning nuclear plants. 

    A project team was established in 2003 to finalize the development of the first commercially available SAUNA system based on noble gas acquisition. Today, installed systems are in operation all around the world and the company has the biggest installation base of radio-nuclide systems in monitoring stations and networks worldwide. Stringent quality assurance and an innovative approach form the basis for an extremely high quality, modular concept. The company’s SAUNA II system exceeds the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) requirements for near real-time ultra-sensitive field measurement of short lived noble gases. A range of products are now available to meet specific needs and different applications. All systems offer excellent reliability and easy maintenance and are supported by worldwide support.

  • Unique Collaboration

    The first SAUNA system became commercially available in 2004 as the result of a unique collaboration between Scienta Sensor Systems and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). A prototype system was developed by FOI, and extensively tested in INGE (The International Noble Gas Experiment) during the late 1990 ́s and early 2000 ́s. The project was initiated to meet the global need for long-term, unattended, ultra-high sensitive monitoring of nuclear explosions using radioactive signatures. Scienta Sensor Systems has applied its own expertise and industrial skills to further develop the technology and build the current range of products. The company still works in close cooperation with FOI, drawing on more than 20 years of xenon detection expertise.

The Scienta Group

Since 1962 the combined companies that make up the Scienta Scientific Group have been leading the development of ultra high vacuum research and analysis equipment in the fields of Surface Science, Material Physics, UHV technology and Radiation Detection, resulting in scientific breakthroughs, Nobel Prizes and outstanding industrial equipment.

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